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How to Create a Relaxing Home Office

How to Create a Relaxing Home Office

With more people working remotely these days, having a home office conducive to productivity is vital. Even if you only work from home some of the time, you can use the suggestions below to make your office as welcoming as the rest of your residence.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

First, you ideally want to create an area that’s just used for work. If possible, stay away from the dining room table or a corner of the sofa. There are likely to be too many interruptions there, and it won’t be possible to keep your work supplies handy.

If you don’t have a separate room you can use for an office, try converting a closet to one. Social media is full of clever workspace ideas that don’t require a big budget to pull off. You could also try to partition off a corner of a larger room with screens or similar physical barriers.

Set up a system with family or roommates, so you’re not disturbed while working. If pets are an issue, keep them occupied with toys and chews, or consider pet daycare when you really need some peace and quiet to concentrate.

One trend that’s growing lately is constructing a work pod in the yard. They’re perfect if you see clients or patients at your home office, as they afford more quiet and privacy than a room in your house.

Speaking of quiet, try to minimize noise and distractions wherever you work. If you can’t shut a door, or if loud kids disrupt your concentration, invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Introduce Elements That Make You Happy

Enjoying background music or nature sounds while you work can make the day more pleasant. There are countless other ways you can improve your work environment, too. For example, green plants, a vase of flowers, or a sunny window are definite mood lifters. Other options include:

  • Scented candles
  • Ready snacks and beverages
  • A fan or small heater
  • Cozy lamps
  • A comfortable chair for reading tasks
  • Nice desk accessories

Stay Organized with Simple Solutions

Make every effort to keep your desk uncluttered, as physical clutter can quickly become mental clutter. Get in the habit of putting away papers and getting the office ready for the next day at the end of every workday.

Especially if you work at home full time or own your own business, you want to spend a little on office elements that facilitate organization. Even if you do most of your work online and scan a lot of documents, you still probably need a place for printing, a cabinet for paper files, a shelf unit for binders and publications, and storage for office supplies. It’s amazing how a few well-thought-out items can help you streamline your day and stay on top of tasks like taxes, presentations, and scheduling.

Make Sure Your Insurance Coverage Is Adequate

Finally, if you’re working from home, make sure your homeowner insurance policy or any employer insurance policies cover your office as well as the rest of your domicile. If not, work with your insurance agent to get the additional coverage you need. That way, if any of your equipment or other work belongings are damaged somehow, you can get back to normal as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your situation, or if you would like help evaluating your insurance needs, please get in touch with us.